Eva Longoria Parker, 35 anni festeggiati al Noble Gift Gala di Londra

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Eva Longoria Parker, l’attrice e modella statunitense di origini messicane famosa per interpretare il ruolo della modella Gabrielle Solis nella serie televisiva Desperate Housewives, era presente al Noble Gift Gala presso il Dorchester hotel di Londra.

Per Lei splendido abito Ralph & Russo rosso fuoco, con tagli asimmetrici, monospalla davanti e con spalline in Swarovsky dietro.

La schiena nuda le conferisce un sex appeal strepitoso, tutt’altro a che vedere con una casalinga disperata.

In occasione del suo 35° compleanno Eva Longoria Parker ei suoi amici si sono riuniti per raccogliere fondi per la Make-A-Wish Foundation UK e Eva’s Heroes in favore dei bambini.

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  2. right. She did wait until she was married to not only have untpetocred sex but have a child, which she’s doing a stunning job taking care of during Dancing with the Stars. You’re right.She wants abstinence as long as it doesn’t get in the way of her having sex when she wants. She’s the living embodiment of why just saying Don’t have sex doesn’t work, because clearly it’s the message she was brought up with, and she didn’t follow through, as is often the case.

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