Il video Lady Rouge di Dior con Marion Cotillard, Annie Leibovitz e i Franz Ferdinand

di Paola Perfetti 2

Navigando nella rete, mi sono imbattuta nel video del Making of Lady Rouge, ovvero il filmato che riproduce il backstage della nuova campagna Dior per la collezione di borse della griffe.

Special guest stars: la meravigliosa attrice Marion Cotillard – che a breve vedremo anche in Nine – immortalata in pose elegantemente fashion da Annie Leibovitz.

Il soundtrack è by Franz Ferdinand.

Non potevo non mostrarvelo.

Una campagna, quella di Lady Rouge per le bag Dior, concentrata nell’ampliare il suo target attraverso la scelta di tre guru del cinema, dell’arte e della musica: Marion Cotillard, Annie Leibovitz e i Franz Ferdinand (il gruppo inglese che ha creato musica e parole del soundtrack di Lady Rouge).

Il tutto, per la nuova collezione di borse, sensuale ed intrigante con quel rosso laccato, “molto rouge”, che si ritrova sulle labbra di Marion, negli accessori e sul set del video.

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  1. these are great! i always like the benihd the scenes’ pics. and now you’ve got videos in the blog, too? fancy! My favorites are the black and white of them sitting in the chairs, and the one of annie laying her head on anthony’s shoulder.

  2. Well MY husband is also prone to sanyig dumb things (at any time) but it was him who took a look at your picture and stated that it was a banana spider and shuddered. He has a spider phobia (imho). I recently saw a spider of some kind run out of my sink and into the cabinet underneath. You would have thought we had been invaded by deadly aliens by the events that followed involving a can of deadly bug spray and three people gingerly looking under the sink (but not too close because those things can jump and attack you with no provocation .(eye roll here). And we live in Mexico where one can expect these things. He is NEVER going to Costa Rica now, lol. But I will.

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